Saturday, July 10, 2010

Twitter, your warm tap lobbyist

Twitter bird

Twitt, twitt.

It amazes me to see how Twitter can be so successful by focusing on providing the tiniest service possible. There's no doubt we're hardwired to communicate with each other, which makes a lot of sense, the more people we know, the better.

It's a two way street, the more people we know, the more we get to be known by other people.

The advantages of our Darwinian tribal behavior are easily explained. Once we belong to a tribe, we (give and) receive the unconditional support of its members.

We find very good examples of this evolutionary behavior in the crusades, the Spanish inquisition, the Israeli Palestinian conflict, and most religious and political group antagonisms. We are emotional, whatever our tribe members do is good, and what others are doing is wrong.

Visualize the following "closer to home" scenario. You're hiring, and you've narrowed down your selection process to two candidates, one that you've met online, commenting on a blog or twitting, the other, you've never met before. Wouldn't you be inclined to have a soft spot for the former candidate —the member of your tribe?

Twitting is a fabulous way to enlarge your tribe by making tiny (non annoying) taps on the back of potentially new tribe members.

Wouldn't you agree that there is an enormous potential value of using twitter to lobby for you with warm tiny taps on potential investors?

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